iPhone 4: News and Reviews


Apple Inc unveiled the 9.3mm iPhone4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, making the device the thinnest smartphone on the planet. Here’s what’s enticing about iPhone4.

With the addition of a gyroscope, iPhone4′s extremely accurate motion-tracking sensor coupled with the existing accelerometer and compass is a delight for gamers, who can expect a Wii MotionPlus gaming-like experience. Next is only 3D gaming.

This phone has two VGA cameras, the first is of 5 megapixel with LED flash (3G was 3 megapixel with no flash), while the second one, front-facing camera, enables ‘video chat’ of good enough video quality (30 frames per second) along with built-in video-editing options like geo-tagging.

Finally, the multi-tasking option available in iPhone4, lets you switch between the video-chat, gaming and other apps even as you browse and listen to music in the background – all these can take place without sacrificing on the performance or battery life, according to the company.

After the launch, Steve Jobs may have seemed a satisfied man, but there are a couple of botches he could have a given a miss during his keynote address-

As seen in the clip, he began by asking the audience to stop him if they’d seen this device before. If only those non-Apple employees present paid heed to his words and stopped him right there. Remember the leaked iPhone prototype?

But then, it seems like the audience was too busy blogging, which caused the wireless network in the conference hall to overload, and the next fumble occurred. Jobs, while demonstrating on stage, tried to get connected to the Internet but just couldn’t get connected, with the error message showing up thrice on the phone.

So what else didn’t make the cut as forecast? As per CNET predictions, they include the likes of Wi-Fi or cloud syndication that could give users access to computers without a USB device, another is the Apple TV integration – many expected Apple to challenge the Google TV announcement with its own product, which would integrate with the phone. Other expectations not met are the 64GB model (especially since there is already an iPod version) and ‘Retina display’ replacing the OLED display that is used by many of its competitors.

So what is this ‘Retina display‘? The iPhone4 screen is 940by640 pixel resolution, four times as many pixels as the previous version, giving the new iPhone a density of 326 pixels per inch, more than what the human retina can see (max visible pixelation is 300 pixels), thus making the iPhone4 display look much more smoother and crisp.

How does the latest iPhone rate in comparison to the hottest global android phones like HTC Incredible and HTC Evo 4G? According to PCWorld, the use of an A4 chip here (the one used in iPad) puts Apple on par with the speeds of the latest Android phones. While Apple seems to be quickly catching up with Android features, it’s the OS and mega app store at its disposal that could currently be the edge.

Twitter buzz on iPhone4

CEO Steve Jobs tweeted ‘No one used computers until Macintosh. No one listened to MP3 players until iPod. No one made video calls until #iPhone4.’ Considering the thousands of retweets of this message on Twitter, Apple is still a brand to beat.

Martin Cooper, the designer of the first cellphone, tweeted that the iPhone improvements are incremental and that the apps are the remaining difference. He goes on to say that Apple has the momentum but will have to do better to retain the lead.

The Indian Twitterati have been discussing its India release. iPhone 4 will be available from June 24 in five countries, expanding to 18 by July and 88 by September that includes India. The phone, however is going to remain expensive here, costing around Rs 30000.[source]


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