Apple vs. Android

Lately, there has been a lot of discussion going on about Apple iPhones and phones that are based on Google’s Android. In all these discussion the main topic is the hardware of these gadgets, their operating system and usability, etc.

However, a little has been talked about the difference of the advantage-disadvantage of Android Market and Apple App stores. Here in this article we are going to throw some light on that matter.

There are number of differences between the two markets some of which matters to the developers while some other matters to the end-users.

Open vs. Closed System-One of the important difference between the two is that Apple App Stores is a closed system where any kind of application has to be first submitted to the Apple who will then review and decide whether it could be put up in the stores or not.

Thus the end authority is Apple. Whereas Android market is a more open one, where anybody can publish an application and put them in the market without being verified or reviewed by the authority.

Though it ensures that Android market displays a greater variety but as that not verified by the central authority the end-user have to accept the unscreened items at their own risk. However, the market introduced their own way of buffering the applications against poor and ill-designed one by supporting community rating and comments.

Refunds- It is another very important difference which gives Android Market an upper hand to the Apple App Stores. Here in Android market, you can buy an application, use it and verify whether it fits your need or not. If it doesn’t meet your expectation, you can uninstall the same within 24 hours and get a full refund of your money. However, in Apple App Stores, applications once purchased cannot be refunded, which means there is no system of trial. One has to verify and review an application theoretically only before purchasing the applications.

Developers Initiation Fee- The fee for signing up as a developer in the Android market is $25, which ensures that you can publish your application in the market. In Apple app stores, the signing up fee is $99, not only that it also doesn’t give you a permission to add you application in the store at one go. Your application still needs to undergo a review with Apple. Again, both the markets charge 30% of the sale of any paid application. Apple keeps the amount to itself while Google pays the amount to the wireless carriers extracting more co-operations from them.

Competitions- Last but not least is the fact that a developer trying to get his/her application noticed has a greater advantage in Android market as at present the market hosts only 20,000 applications compared to the Apple app store which hosts over 100,000 applications. That shows that Android still a bigger room for new and innovative applications.

Though both the market holds their own individual repute, yet for a new developer and also for an end-user, Android market is definitely lesser risky and more accommodating.[source]


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