Synology DiskStation DS410j

Portable NAS device manufacturer, Synology is back with yet another disk less NAS server. Synology has previously proved their potential with a well-known DiskStation DS409slim that was released last year. With excellent price range and lots of premium features, Synology provides a great solution for business use. Even if the four-bay NAS device is not as slim and good looking as DS409slim, it makes up for it with good performance. With not-so-great size and pretty good looking case, Synology is a decent piece of work when exterior looks are considered.

Feature set of Synology DiskStation DS410j starts with dual USB 2.0 ports and Gigabit Ethernet ports at its rear end. The USB port can be used to increase its storage capacity or transporting files over the network. Interesting feature of DiskStation DS410j is that it can accommodate both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch hard drives so that your compatibility options stay opened. You could also use your old hard disks with DiskStation DS410j. Support for RAID 1 and RAID 5 configurations is something that enthusiasts will look up to as these drives can even be upgraded to larger units without any loss of data during the process.

With DLNA certification, DiskStation D410j is one of the few products in its range to have such compatibility features. Great online features like BitTorrent, RapidShare, and RSS download support are now available with Download Station 2 software which is pre-loaded in the NAS server. Support for iTunes makes it easy for users to stream their music and video files from other iTunes clients. Interesting new feature related to iTunes include automatic deletion function of playlist songs once they are deleted from your hard drive.

You can create safe backup of your precious data with DiskStation NAS server and also restore it easily once you connect it to your network. Data Replicator 3 is provided with the product for incredibly quick backup and recovery procedures. There are not many manufacturers that provide such exclusive feature set other than Netgear; market is expected to be supportive of DiskStation DS410j. The NAS server product will be available from $361 soon. The product is also titled as “Green product” thanks to eco-friendly features such as Scheduled Power On/Off feature which is not available in any other product from its class.[source]


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