iPhone vs. Android/Google Phone

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked if a2b could be purchased on the iPhone I’d be able to retire :) So why doesn’t Froogloid build software for the Iphone? 

There are several reasons; not enough hours in the day, not enough capital to pay 3rd parties to port a2b, saturated Iphone app market, but the main and most compelling reason is we feel there is a tremendous amount of opportunity with the android/google platform. I recently touched upon this in my “Calm Before the Storm Blog” but here’s a few more points/things to consider.

In the mobile app world you have 4 main players; 

1) the network carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon etc…) 
2) the mobile phone manufacturers (motorola, LG, HTC etc…) 
3) consumers who buy the phones/apps 
4) and last but not least, mobile application developers (Froogloid). 

What if you had an operating system that was good for all players? Well, that’s exactly what android OS does! It makes everyone happy.

Let me tell you why…. First, the device manufacturers, they love android because the OS is 100% free! That’s right, no more paying symbian and other OS’s millions to license their operating systems. This equates to lower handset prices which ultimately means more handset sales. 

Network carriers are excited about android for 3 reasons; 
1) innovative products equate to more subscribers 
2) Android phones use data which equates to more value added services = more $$$. 
3) Network carriers get 30% of all fee based application downloads! If I sell an app for $1, T-Mobile gets 30 cent and I get 70 cents…. google gets nothing (sort of). 

Guess how much of the fee based revenue apple shares with network carriers? 0%! Mobile application developers love android because it’s extremely easy to get your products to market unlike apple’s 6 month application process! Not to mention, once more android devices are released, your app will/can be distributed to almost any carrier in the world! 

More eyeballs on your apps = more revenue, it’s as simple as that. Consumers love android because they’ll have plethora of android devices to chose from unlike the Iphone. Also, android phones are/will be economically priced. Remember, no more OS licensing costs = lower handset prices! Don’t forget, consumers love applications! With android they’ll have an unlimited supply to innovative apps! So, what does google get out of this? Two words: “Mobile Search”!

If you don’t believe me, fine, but I’m not the only one that sees the opportunity.  Android will overtake Iphone by 2012.  http://androidcommunity.com/android-os-to-trump-os-x-touch-20090306


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