android/a2b in China?

Help me figure this one out…. again, Flurry analytics continues to provide interesting data. Apparently, a2b is being used in China and has been on a consistent basis since April 13th/14th. Not just on one network, but 2 ~ China Mobile and China Mobile Communications Corporation. I have no idea if these companies are one in the same but they both show up as separate networks on the Flurry report.

So, the question is… how did a2b make its way to China since China doesn’t sell android handsets, and even if they did, they certainly don’t support “fee based” downloads.

  •  Did someone from the US/Europe that has access to paid apps download a2b, travel to China, and use the app on china’s gsm networks? Are the existing android devices even capable to operate on China GSM frequencies?
  • Has a2b been hacked and is being distributed all over the world?

  • Are Chinese device manufacturers using a2b to test the networks with phones not yet released to market?
What are your thoughts? Any other android developers seeing their apps being used in China?


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