Launch of Android Milestone XT 720 ‘Powerhouse’ by Motorola

Launch and Motorola Milestone. 2 On behalf MILESTONE XT.720 Milestone course, must be noted Hardware Keyboard comes with your HW Keyboard, but this is different from the first area to less than Free with camera resolution. 8 Flash XENON megapixel with video recording in HD 720p, and in the Android. 2.1

MILESTONE XT720 Is a version of the European side. But previously it has lain in Korea, but with the same design called XT.720 MOTOROI

Motorola MILESTONE XT720 With touch screen. 3.7 Capacitive inch Resolution 480 & #.215;854 And supports Multi-Touch CPU 600MHz ARM CORTEX A.8 , 512 megabytes RAM 256MB ROM

Connections do everything such as 3G HSDPA. , Wi-Fi , GPS with digital compass. , Bluetooth , Headphone jack. 3.5 Mm and connector cable MicroUSB Supports Stereo FM radio. , HDMI port, and add external memory to the MicroSD Card.

Motorola MILESTONE XT720 With Android. 2.1 However, no data will be upgraded. 2.2 Or not and when I do not know. And will sell in Europe at the end of this month. The price has not been announced.

Compared to the earlier version of Milestone, the device is devoid of a keyboard but offers high-def recording and output

There has been launched the Milestone XT720 by Motorola which is the latest version of Motorola’s highly successful handset

A slim device, the handset is equipped with a host of cutting edge specifications including Android 2.1 OS, ARM Cortex A8 processor, 10.9 mm slim frame and an HDMI outport to let users enjoy the handset’s HD content over a TV.

It has 8MP built in camera which is equipped with a Xenon flash, and records videos at 720p rate. There is also featured a 3.7 inch WVGA screen in the handset, letting users to view media on. The handset comes along with an 8GB microSD card, and cards up to 32 GB are supportable by the device.

However, this latest Motorola handset does not has MotoBlur overlay, on which Motorola said, the device is “aimed at the power user, we made a decision to put MotoBlur on some very successful devices with MotoBlur 1.5, so we’re targeting certain users [with the overlay]”.
Moving on, being an Android device, the phone has been awarded with the usual range of Android upgates enabling users to get Exchange support, integrated social networking, along with WebKit supported browsing.

The phone is scheduled to release later this month in UK, and would be available through channels like Expansys and Though, pre-order for the device is going to kick start from June 11 onwards.
On this, Motorola said that since the device is being launched earlier than the usual 18-months release cycles, thanks to rapid development of Androids with 11 device so far have made it to the ground, it has become hard for the company to follow usual launch practices and wants the device to get into the market as fast as possible.


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