Apple Mac Mini 320GB

Full metal jacket.

Mac mini features an all-new, 1.4-inch-thin aluminum enclosure. It’s called the unibody — a seamless enclosure carved from a single, solid block of aluminum. The unibody construction was originally developed for Apple’s MacBook Pro. It’s created using computer numerical control, or CNC, machines — the same kind used by the aerospace industry to build mission-critical spacecraft components. This ensures absolute precision of every component of the Mac mini enclosure. Not to mention a stunning aluminum fit and finish that will make any desk proud.

Good-bye, power brick.

The Mac mini power supply is built in. All you see is a single power cord.

It makes the most of every micron.

You may notice something missing from this Mac mini: the power supply. Actually, its power supply is built in. So there’s no bulky brick, and there are fewer cables to connect. Which means Mac mini takes up even less space than before. A removable panel on the bottom of Mac mini makes upgrading the memory virtually painless. And once you’re inside, you’ll see how clean and organized Mac mini is. With attention paid to the tiniest detail. Like the air intake and vents. They’re practically invisible. And when the fan is running, you’ll barely hear it. It's kind of surprising how so much fits into something so mini.

Many ports. Major possibilities.

Now Mac mini makes it easier than ever to hook up to an HDTV or digital display using the HDMI port and Mini DisplayPort. There’s also a built-in SD card slot so you can grab photos and videos from your digital still or video camera. And even though Mac mini is ultracompact, there’s no shortage of ports. Which means the possibilities are endless. When you connect your peripherals and devices to Mac mini, you’ll notice that even the back has been carefully considered. And on the front of Mac mini is the fast, slot-loading SuperDrive for playing DVDs and CDs — or burning your own.

The world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer.

EPEAT Gold and Energy Star logos with a recycle symbolWhat Mac mini doesn’t do could be its biggest feat. It doesn’t waste energy. When Mac mini is idle, it consumes less than 10 watts — a 25 percent reduction from the previous generation.* No other desktop computer does that. Mac mini is made from highly recyclable aluminum. And its redesigned, lighter package makes it more efficient to ship.

Possibility around every corner.

Mac mini has plenty of ports to connect the peripherals you already have — including your HDTV. And it’s got more graphics horsepower and lots of storage. But what you do with Mac mini, well, that’s all up to you.
Works with what you already have.

It has ports for your existing peripherals and devices. Including an HDMI port for your HDTV.

Powerhouse performance.

It ups the ante with next-generation NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics and up to 8GB of system memory.
Grow your mini.

Enjoy up to 500GB of hard drive space1 for your photos, movies, music, and more.

Plays well with others.

An incredibly compatible computer.If you already have it, chances are you can use it with Mac mini. Plug in your own display, keyboard, and mouse. Turn it on. And just like that, everything works together. You can even swap peripherals with another desktop computer. That’s one of the great things about Mac mini. You can mix and match it with just about anything.

Mac mini comes to the big screen.

It’s easy to connect Mac mini to the biggest screen in the house — your HDTV — courtesy of a built-in HDMI port. Plug in one HDMI cable and start enjoying content on your Mac mini in brilliant HD. Like movies and TV shows from iTunes, the Internet, and your photo library. There’s also a handy control that lets you easily adjust the output on Mac mini to fill even the biggest HDTV screen. And when you just want to listen to music, you can play your entire iTunes collection through your home entertainment center, or stream it to a set of speakers in any room via an AirPort Express Base Station.2

Plenty of ports make it ready for anything.

Mac mini makes things happen. It can connect to any digital display right out of the box. In addition to HDMI, Mac mini comes with both Mini DisplayPort output and an HDMI-to-DVI adapter, so it’s ready to connect to the Apple LED Cinema Display or a third-party display you already have. You can even connect two displays to see more of your photos, movies, and files. And there’s a built-in SD card slot, which makes it easy to grab photos and videos from your digital still or video camera. Mac mini gives you ports galore: four USB 2.0 ports and one FireWire 800 port, so you can plug in your keyboard, mouse, iPod, iPhone, iPad, digital camera, DV camcorder, external hard drive, printer, and just about any other device you use.

A great little performer.

More memory. More oomph.

A little Mac mini goes a long way. With up to 8GB of memory, Mac mini supports twice the memory of the previous generation. So now you can run more applications at the same time. Mac mini is powered by a 2.4GHz or 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, with a superfast 1066MHz frontside bus and 3MB of L2 cache for a nice little performance boost. Which goes to show that size can be deceiving. Configure your Mac mini now, only at the Apple Online Store

Souped-up graphics.

Mac mini refuses to act its size. It gives you next-generation NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics — the fastest integrated graphics processor on the market today — and speedy DDR3 memory. With 48 processing cores and 256MB of shared video memory, this graphics processor delivers up to twice the performance of the previous generation. It brings more pixel-pushing power to the latest 3D games and graphics-intensive applications. And you’ll notice a big difference when you work with high-resolution photos and high-definition video. The most surprising part? You don’t have to sacrifice efficiency for speed. The NVIDIA GeForce 320M is more energy efficient than its predecessor. All of which proves you really can do more with less.

Mac mini with NVIDIA GeForce 320M Graphics
Up to 2x faster than previous-generation Mac mini3
Quake 4
Call of Duty 4
Doom 3


Times faster than Mac mini with NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

Instant connection.The latest 802.11n wireless technology is built into every Mac mini.2 It automatically connects to your Wi-Fi network, so you can get right down to surfing the web, printing, and streaming your music wirelessly. Bluetooth wireless technology is also built in, so you can connect accessories such as a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Storage and memory. There’s room to grow.

Personal space.

Now you can get a 320GB or 500GB hard drive1 and pack in your photo libraries, movies, music, files, and more, more, more. You can also play and burn all the DVDs and CDs you want with the fast, slot-loading SuperDrive.
DIY memory.Thanks to a removable
bottom panel, now it’s easy to open Mac mini and add memory. Just a slight twist of the panel, and you’re inside Mac mini. Simply pop your memory into the SO-DIMM slot, then twist the panel back on. And you’re done.

On every Mac.Highly secure and reliable, every Mac is built on Mac OS X Snow Leopard: the world’s most advanced operating system. And every Mac comes with software that lets you do more with photos, movies, and music.


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