Lemon Juice For Acne


Homemade Acne Remedies are surely your best allies when it comes to battling for the clearing up of your face!

Lemon juice for acne has been tried and tested by millions of people. They have documented improvements for zits, pimples, blackheads and white heads; but also report so noticeable results in terms of skin texture and complexion.

What do you need?

A lemon, organically grown is best, a sharp knife, cotton pads and good fresh spring water.

Please don’t use tap water that is often to chlorinated, and may just damage your skin further. If your lemon feels real hard, it’s best that you exert some pressure on it by rolling it on a counter top, or kind of massaging it deeply, it will yield more juice.

How should you proceed if you want to try lemon juice for acne?

Cut your lemon in half, squeeze it with a lemon juicer, and add it to your spring water. The ratio between lemon juice and water depends on the sensitivity of your skin. You will reduce the dosage of lemon accordingly. Then put a cotton pad in the solution, and apply on the area you want to treat. You will leave it, depending on your kind reaction between 10 minutes and 3 hours.

So you want more than lemon juice for acne ?

If you have a hot, burning sensation, it probably means you’ve put too much lemon juice in your treatment. Wash your face off, and dilute your solution a bit more.

You can refrigerate your product and use it 2 times per day, depending on your social activities. As long as you don’t have too strong a burning feeling, you may as well leave the cotton pad on your face overnight. You should see results within a week, and you should be really proud within a month.

Do you want more bangs for your bucks? You can give your face a nice steam bath just before applying your lemon juice solution. It helps open the pores of your skin, and will thus allow the lemon to go deeper and work more thoroughly. Watch out as it may burn a bit more, too! Lemon juice for acne treatment is a cheap and effective remedy!

Alternative treatments:

You may consider cutting your lemon in small pieces, refrigerate them, and take one out whenever you need it, morning and evening as we said is fine. The sting of the lemon is nicely tempered by the cold, so the sensation should be more tolerable.

If you have acne on other parts of your body, such as your back or your buttocks, you can also squeeze a whole lemon in your bathtub, fill it up with warm water and soak there for as long as you’d take a regular bath.

Lemon juice can also be used internally for treating acne! Drink a fresh, organic lemon juice with water first thing in the morning. Please do not add any sugar, if the taste is too acidic to your palate, consider drinking it through a straw, that helps (a bit). Wait about 30 minutes before eating anything else, so that your whole system will benefit more fully from it. The lemon will help your body become alkaline and detoxify. Join thousands of people who’ve found that lemon juice for acne… works like a charm!


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