How To Obtain Maximum Juice From a Fresh Lemon !


Lemon a citrus acid fruit, is always known for its appealing color, odor and flavor and used for culinary purposes. Lemon slices garnish fish or meat; lemon juice is used in rice preparation, lemonade; as a flavoring for cake icings, pudding, and many more.

Because of various uses of lemon juice, we always want to have maximum juice from lemon and keep it in our store. But sometimes, its not possible to procure the juice even from a fresh lemon, because of the hardness and thick-skin of the lemon.

So, you can extract the maximum amount of juice by submerging the lemon in hot water for fifteen minutes before squeezing them. You can also warm the lemon in your oven for a few minutes before squeezing the fresh lemon. These will yield almost double the amount of juice.

The juice can be stored for many days and used in our day-to day life. Hence, we can have our money worth spending by applying a few simple tips in our kitchen.


Anonymous said...

nice tips! thanks.

Anonymous said...

can we put the extracted lemon juice on a plastic container?

Mantis Hugo said...

Thanks for the idea, at least our money will be saved with this amazing idea. People who are really concerned about their health may take help from the Noni fruit extract as it can also help you in getting some vital nutrients for your vital organs.

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