Lemon Juice for Digestion


It is quite common to see people suffering from indigestion problems. Dyspepsia or upset stomach are other terms that are used in reference to indigestion. In this condition, the inability of secretion of digestive juices in the stomach is the main cause of the problem that leads to discomfort.

It is a great idea to use lemon juice for digestion. You may simply have it first thing in the morning as you squeeze lemon into warm water. You can even sweeten it with honey, molasses, or syrup of pure maple. However, make sure that the gap between your breakfast and consumption of lemon juice is at least half an hour. Lemon juice works great as it enhances internal cleansing. Being an antiseptic and antibacterial, lemon juice reduces the presence of bacteria that cause diseases inside the digestive tract.

The problems of flatulence and bloating are also dealt with easily through the help of lemon juice. It also boosts lethargic appetite and allows a better flow of digestive juice. As the digestive tract is flushed clear naturally, everyday in the morning, it aids in healthy living. Without a sound digestive system, there are many diseases that may follow, all of which are averted by a regular intake of lemon juice.

Hence, there are many benefits of lemon juice. The ways in which you can use lemon juice for digestion are:

  1. You can use it over the salad as you squeeze juice from freshly-cut lemon and add a little bit of pure olive oil.
  2. Many people also prefer to use lemon juice with their herbal tea.
  3. Try sprinkling some lemon juice on your vegetables instead of butter.
  4. Another way to seek relief from indigestion with the help of lemon juice is to squeeze half a lemon into water and add a small amount of sodium bicarbonate to it. Now simply stir it in and drink!
  5. Another effective amalgamation is one part each of lemon juice, honey, and mint juice.
  6. Last but not least, one spoonful of ginger juice, lemon juice, and two spoonfuls of honey together make an amazing mixture to aid digestion.
So, the ways you can use lemon juice for digestion are immense. You simple need to know which one suits your condition and body the best. Imagine not having to pay a visit to the doctor and saving money that you would have spent on medicines. Also, being a natural cure, it is virtually devoid of any serious side effects and is very cheap and easy to make. So grab a stock of fresh lemons for your home today!


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