Installing 128GB SSD into Dell’s Inspiron Mini 9


The Dell Mini 9 comes with either an 8GB or 16GB solid state drive, which are really small for any serious mobile user. The folks over at JKKmobile thought it was small too and somehow managed to squeeze 128GB SSD into a Dell Mini 9. No doubt the SSD probably cost more than the computer itself. Anyway he calls the hack process easy, I do agree with him if you have skills using hand tools, we’ll let you be the judge. You have to completely disassemble the Mini 9 in order to make the modification, you will need a soldering iron and a dremel to complete the modification. The end result is a much larger and faster hard drive. Jkkmobile put this video together and some pics for all you guys that get into this kinda thing, enjoy.

Via fierysource


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