Mac OS X Leopard on a Dell Inspiron Mini 9


Another netbook gets the Mac OS X treatment. Both the MSI Wind and the Asus Eee PC have seen a successful OS X install. Now it’s the Dell Inspiron Mini’s turn and its transformation into a Mini-Mac appears to be relatively easy. To begin, you will need to get a hold of a slipstreamed version of OS 10.5 that has been customized for the MSI Wind.

Shh, you didn’t hear it from us, but you can find it on Pirate Bay. Burn the 3.5GB .iso to DVD, boot, and install. At this point you will have an Inspiron Mini-Mac that boots into OS X without audio or Wi-Fi. Install two additional files to enable the Broadcom wireless adapter and the audio chipset, and voila, you now have a fully functional Dell Inspiron Mini 9 running OS X. Awesome! Kudos to Dan over at UNEASYsilence who pioneered this procedure. You rock, brotherman.

Mac OS is really interesting and fun if you have this on your Dell Inspiron Mini 9 you'll have the uniqueness carrying a netbook PC that is mistakenly a Mac Book, not funny if you were in Starbucks drinking coffee mocha. Anyway here is the guide if you want your Dell Inspiron Mini 9 really looks like a Mac Book Pro or the alternative famous Linux Ubuntu free Operating System.

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