Xircom XC-DPG502 Dual WAN Port Router


The XINCOM XC-DPG502 provides a secure and reliable connection to the Internet and corporate network connectivity to small branch offices and small to medium sized businesses. The XC-DPG502 has two WAN ports that allow you to connect two separate broadband connections of any type, including Cable, DSL and/or T1 for ultimate automatic failover, and load balancing. With cutting edge features like NAT, SPI Firewall, DHCP server, and Access Filters makes this a must have for any network.

The XC-DPG502 allows for easy setup, configuration, and management through an HTTP Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as remote web management, e-mail Alerts, and SNMP protocol. Additionally the XC-DPG502 can be used within a network with support for Static Routing, RIP-1/RIP-2, and Dynamic Routing. With the addition of UPnP you will be able to dynamically open and close ports required by certain software automatically. With QoS you will be able to schedule and direct your network traffic to take advantage of your available bandwidth.


  • Increase your bandwidth with two concurrent broadband connections
  • Maximize uptime for your network
  • Provides a secure and reliable connection to the Internet

Multiple Connection Methods:
All popular broadband connection methods are supported, including Fixed IP, Dynamic IP, PPPoE, and even multiple-session PPPoE.

4-Port 10/100 Switch:
The XC-DPG502 incorporates a 4-port 10/100 N-Way Ethernet Switch, complete with auto crossover for easy connection to an existing network.

Load Balancing:
Allows you to use both WAN ports simultaneously, increasing your available bandwidth. You can set load balance type by Packets, Bytes RX+TX, Sessions, or IP Address.

Automatic Fail-over:
If one broadband connection goes down all traffic is automatically re-routed through the second broadband connection.

Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall:
Protects your network using advanced SPI against malicious and DDoS attacks.

Advanced NAT features:
Access Filters, DMZ, DDNS, Remote Management, Dynamic or Static Routing, Special Applications, Virtual Servers, SNMPv1.

Access Filter:
Gain fine control over the Internet access and applications available to LAN users with a powerful URL Blocking Engine. Five (5) user groups are available, and each group can have different access rights.

Virtual Servers:
Allow Internet users to access Internet servers on your LAN. Easy configuration of standard servers such as Web, FTP or E-Mail servers, plus the ability to define your Server types if required.

Rack Mount Support:
This Twin WAN Gateway comes equipped with rack mount supports that fit a standard 19' rack mount.

Default Username, Password and IP Address for Xincom Router:
DPG-502 Default IP address: (Username=admin, no password)



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