CD-R KING CW-5354U On Tomato


Right now I have got it setup on the CDR-King CW-5354U.

The WAN port is connected to my Globe DSL modem. The WAN port of the CW-5354U is set to PPPoE for Globe. Simultaneously, a Huawei E176 3G modem is plugged to the USB port. The second WAN port in the basic settings page is set to 3G modem. The correct APN setting is also inputted there. The modem detection is set to automatic. Modem detection relies on the modeswitch program for linux.

The PPPoE/3G dialer is buggy on the dual-WAN. It is easily confused when one is disconnected. It displays both are disconnected even if in reality only one is disconnected. It is important because I often command the router to disconnect/reconnect until I get a non-proxied IP address. Sometimes it has difficulty dialing into SmartBro. Maybe it's Smart's fault.

The dual-WAN has plenty of neat features. You can assign QOS independently on each WAN connection, both upload and download. You can route destinations to a specific WAN port. For example, I route to one WAN port and IPTracker to the other WAN port to verify my IP address. On torrents, dowanload speeds are crappy on Smart but uploads are great. I can combine fast downloads from Globe with fast seeding on Smart.

BTW, even if you use a 3G modem, you still lose one LAN port for the 2nd WAN. It's the port next to the 1st WAN port. If I assign 3G to the first logical WAN port, then I have to plug the DSL modem to the 2nd WAN ethernet port.

Dual wan does not fully combine the bandwidth of both ISPs. At best, you can get about 70% of the combined BW. And if you do a speedtest, you are only testing the bandwidth of one ISP.

My impression is it's great for an internet cafe because you can now have a back-up ISP that automatically kicks in when the other is down. At the same time, it augments the capacity so nothing is lost.

Here's a good link that will make your life easier flashing your CD-R KING CW-5354U


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You can check out the link below it might help you

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Patulong naman po yung router ko pinipindot ko na yung reset ayaw nya parin ma reset wala na po syang warranty

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