Top 10 Free VPN Services for Australia


VPN surely lets you romance with the internet without any villains coming in between.

But often this so called affection could cost you dearer in case the VPN services are hard to afford.

Wonder what to do in such a case? To be on the safe side, you can bank upon free VPN services being offered by many companies. As for the people in Australia, they can also adopt similar tactics to browse through the censored world of internet.

Internet Censorship in Australia

Here are the valuable details.
  • The volume of censorship in this country is not that severe, still the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is persistent with its efforts to ban inappropriate content from the internet.
  • It features in the ‘Enemies Of The Internet’ list released by ‘Reporters Without Borders’ and is considered to be “under surveillance” thanks to the filtering tools being used by several ISPs in the country on government’s order.
  • However, the fact that the nation is yet to see a blogger die in imprisonment as happened in Bahrain recently could be galloped as a welcome sigh of relief for the regular netizens there.
Reasons to use Free VPN

If you want to use VPN for something substantial and for a long time such as for your business or to connect with people of your acquaintance while in a foreign location, a paid version would be a wise option.

However, most of the times you may use it just to access a streaming website, or to download a multimedia file, to enjoy it later on your lappy or your drop dead slim smartphone.

For all such occasional purposes, making monthly or annual investments on VPN won’t be that smart decision. So why not switch over to free VPN, you will get plenty of them over the internet no wonder if you are in Australia or elsewhere.

What you can do with Free Australian VPN?
The list of do’s is almost endless as far as using free Australian VPN is concerned, you can:
  • Access streaming websites such as Hulu, Pandora, BBC iPlayer, and more
  • Communicate with peers and friends over VoIP or instant messengers
  • Know more about the latest political turmoil or sports update all over the world
  • Send a highly sensitive business or personal email to a known person under adept security
  • Access your online bank account and can make transactions through it if you are outside your native country
Availability of Free Australian VPN

Isn’t it great to avail a facility for which you don’t need to shed off your pocket, no send thoughts about it.

I like it and so do you, if am not wrong and when it comes to VPN, you will certainly go mad at selecting the most feasible one; there are plenty of them available in the rapidly succeeding VPN market.

However, it is likely that you feel perplexed while choosing the best one for your cause. If such is the case, don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

These below mentioned VPN providers could allow you easy access to the blocked websites while you are in Australia.

1Cyberghost VPN
3TunnelBear VPN
4Unblock US
6Raptor VPN
10VPN Traffic


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