How to Configure the CD-R KING LP-8186 Modem Router AP


I have Globe as my ISP but I wanted to share this step by step configuration for those who have a PLDT ISP. I requested this configuration from CD-R King when I was trying to fix my internet connection issue at my in-laws’ house using their PLDT broadband connection. I wasn’t able to use this configuration because my router worked right away after I tried it with their modem which is provided by PLDT.

When you buy a wireless access point or router, oftentimes, you just plug in the device with the proper cables and it will work right away. The configuration below might be helpful when you encounter some internet connection problems with your router using a PLDT DHCP type of connection.

After you have made sure that your modem and your router are properly connected, open an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape Navigator or Mozilla Firefox. On the address bar, type in the default IP address of the router which is then press the enter key.

The router interface will appear. On the left pane, click on Wireless then click Basic Settings. On Wireless Basic Settings page, change the wireless network name on the SSID field as shown below.

Click Apply Changes button and wait for 15 seconds for the router to restart and initialize.

To have a secure connection, click Security under Wireless found on the left pane of the router interface window. You will now have the Wireless Security Setup page. At the Encryption field, click the down arrow to select WPA. You can use any other encryption type you want but in this sample, WPA is used.

Next, fill in the key value or the network password in the Pre-Shared Key field. Be sure to take note of this password which will be used in every computer that will connect to the router.

Click Apply Changes button to complete the new settings and wait for 15 seconds again for the router to initialize.

Next, click on TCP/IP Settings then WAN Interface to display the WLAN Access Point page. Select DHCP Client in the WAN Access Type field. In Clone MAC Address field, type in the physical address of the computer’s local area connection but this is optional.
* To know the computer’s physical address, go to command prompt (click Start button then click command prompt or click Start then click run and type cmd then hit enter). On the command prompt window, type ipconfig/all. Copy the physical address and type it in the Clone MAC Address field without the dashes. *
Check all the check boxes shown below before you hit the Apply Changes button. Wait for 15 seconds again for the router to restart and initialize.


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