Got my PLDT line

I finally got a line connected in my unit after arguing with the property manager and an incompetent engineer. It seems there is bias for Globe Telecom here in Soho Central, so if you’re a tenant here and they tell you there isn’t a PLDT facility in the building; tell them to “stop their fucking bullshit“. They initially told me that I can’t get a PLDT line in my unit while the unit next to mine and the general contractor of the building has a PLDT line. Several PLDT staff confirmed to me that there is indeed a PLDT facility on the 2nd basement.

ZyXEL P-600

Anyway I got the plan Xperience 1mbps DSL connection from PLDT which is 999PHP (22USD) on top of your monthly phone bill which is 700PHP (15.5USD). I am still on Sky Broadband’s 3mbps trial but will be discontinuing it, I am unsatisfied with the connection and money they are asking for it. I just tested my connection a few minutes ago, and so far it has met my expectations; nothing great but atleast its stable.

Speed Test

Ping Test

Unfortunately all new residential DSL subscribers connect to PLDT via DHCP unlike my previous connection with them which was PPPoE. I would’ve prefered PPPoE but I guess that’s how it is now a days. They issued sa Zyxel P-600 modem with their insignia on it, I hope it’s as good as my previous Nokia DSL modem which lasted me 3 years straight. The only time that modem got turned off was when there were power outages.
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