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Android operated handheld devices have left a deep impact on the technology lovers in the past few years. The manufacturers of these latest gadgets have given a stiff competition to the others in the industry and their bearable prices further act as big motivators for the customers to grab their finest models at the earnest. The latest addition to these technologically enhanced Smartphones is the VPN feature.

Android VPN

Companies into the manufacturing of Android phones are quick to adopt this innovative trend and care to embellish their devices with VPNs that could support as many protocols as they can. But in order to get the feature activated, you would require subscribing the services of a VPN provider.

Of late, many such vendors are there to provide services for computers. However, with the intensifying demand of VPNs for mobile phone, they have made their foray into this particular domain as well. Currently, Android VPN is a hot property and has been successful in grabbing the attention of business people and individuals. While some of them accompany a hefty price tag, others could allow you to connect to your preferred VPN servers free of cost.

Best Free VPN for Android

Free Android VPNs have widespread availability in the online market. Most of the topnotch service providers are also game with the idea to offer VPN services for Android phones at no extra charge for few days. Such types of offers may be a part of well-planned marketing strategy by the VPN providers to enable the customers make up their mind choose and buy the best VPNs. Cyberghost VPN holds the distinction of being among the most renowned ones in this line of free Android VPNs, which is closely followed by Cryptocloud. Other significant Android VPNs that could be used absolutely free of cost include ibVPN, GoTrusted, proXPN and so on. The detailed list is given below for your help.

1Cyberghost VPN
4Raptor VPN
5Security Kiss
11EtteGo VPN
12Mobile VPN
13Ace VPN
15VPN SurfingVPN Surfing VPN Surfing


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