Lenovo IdeaCentre A300


Lenovo IdeaCentre computers have long been known for providing computing simplicity in a single package, and their latest IdeaCentre A300 is no different. Showcasing a design that's both sleek and stylish, this all-in-one computer will definitely look splendid in the home or the office, thanks to the ultra-slim profile in both the monitor and its 'base', which is actually the main processing unit! It has a 21.5" screen and native resolution of 1920 x 1080 for a full HD display.

pon unpacking the computer, we noticed that it's not heavy at all, tilting the scales at only 9.5kgs. The screen rests upon an asymmetrically-placed hinge and stand, making it seem unstable, but in reality is one of the most daring designs for an all-in-one computer. Sturdy construction and materials add to our confidence although this design limits monitor adjustments to only tilting and swiveling along the stand's axis. In other words, users should be wary of the monitor's height level during installation. While adding brilliance to its display, the glossy screen can be pretty reflective in some areas, although with controlled lighting this is more of a non-issue.

Powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo T4400 running at 2.2GHz, with a total installed memory of 4GB, the A300 should please most consumers looking to run desktop applications with it. In fact, its total score of 4302 in PCMarkO5 is pretty much stating that it will be able crunch numbers, view large photo albums and even encode home-made videos. However, it stops short of being a gaming machine due to its embedded Intel HD graphics. Built mainly for efficient systems, it only managed to score 895 marks in 3DMarkO6 which is good enough for users wanting to play flash games, but is not sufficient for full 3D-accelerated titles. Despite this drawback, the A300 did not have any problems playing back a full HD movie in full-screen once the necessary codecs were installed.

Its speakers were up to the job of multimedia playback even when it didn't have a subwoofer or the fact that they were located on the bottom of the stand. It comes with its own Bluetooth keyboard and mouse combo which allows users to enjoy wire-free clutter wherever they go. They are designed so that they slot neatly under the monitor while in storage and lending a cleaner touch to any work surface.

Even if it has the capability to produce good HD playback, users wanting to burn their own home movies for distribution will be left disappointed as the A300 does not include an optical drive. To add such functionality, one would have to purchase an additional external drive although if digital distribution were commonplace, its multi-card reader is more than capable of reading and writing to removable media.

Overall, the IdeaCentre A300 is a pretty impressive all-in-one computer. While it's pretty and doe: the job well, the main draw is its HD capabilities in an all-in-one system. That makes it pretty hard to resist if one prefers simplicity!


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