LG Chocolate BL40

For chocolate lovers, here’s a new gadget that will trigger your curiosity. It combines the aspect of dark, glossy, long and narrow. The display of the new LG Chocolate BL40 is yet another new range in the LG phone family. It is packed with incredible features and fun to use! LG Chocolate BL40 is prestigious for its size similar to the size of a bar of chocolate (hence, the name), has a 4inch, 800x345pixel HD LCD touchscreen and offers a 21:9 panoramic view of multimedia items, including photo, video, text and Web.

One exquisite point of this phone is that it functions like a smartphone though not being one. This is because it runs the S-Class 3D .The S-Class user interface is quite intuitive. Widgets, shortcuts, contacts and browser tools and apps are stylishly organized using the 3D Cube, and you can switch view from one page to another with a single flick. The touch-screen´s alphanumeric and Qwerty keyboards are sensitive enough for you to work quickly. And don’t worry about breaking it because the phone is touch screen and its glass surface means that it’s scratch resistant. The 4inch screen is a delight when it comes to accessing menu items, watching movies, playing music and messaging.

For the best image qualities, this phone is fixed with a 5megapixel camera, and ready to deliver shots up to 2560x1920pixels and VGA-quality videos at 30 frames per second. The Night Scene mode can be applied to still shots and video recording. Accompanied with a Schneider-Kreuznach lens and image stabilization, you can expect to get decent stills and videos. These are also added with the controls for flash, ISO, shot mode, macro mode and white balance to let you capture photos like using a digital camera. Music and audio from videos sound good from the supplied headset.

Moreover, this handphone displays a host of nice features like Wi-Fi, 3G, full HTML browser, so web surfing is more fun with the 4inch screen and landscape mode as you can get a better view of websites without having to scroll from left to right on most pages. You can also surf a few sites at a go using multiple tabs, but the browser lags beyond three tabs. Not to forget, this phone also has a Dual Screen UI which splits the screen into two and shows email subject and contents in one view. Instead of searching the email subject, open a new window to view contents, subjects and contents can be quickly cross checked simultaneously.


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