A Breakthrough of LASIK: Intralase

As it is known that LASIK can be referred as one of the most popular eye surgeries
up to now. LASIK has helped a lot of patients see clearly with no glasses worn on. However, the steps of technology will new stop, and recently, a breakthrough of LASIK comes about. That is Intralase. It makes LASIK more reliable and safer. Intralase system creates the flap needed during the procedure making use of the laser energy. It eliminates the application of microkeratome, a knife designed not to use this advanced technology.

Intralase system reduces the frequency of possible problems left by the surgery. In the past when microkeratome is used, malformation and incomplete flaps are probably to be caused, which would result in distorted vision. On the contrary, intralase system makes it easier to locate the tissue and reduced it at the molecular level instead of using the heat or looking for surrounding tissues. Intralase system also gives patients with thin corneas chances to undergo a LASIK. In the past, the minimal length of cornea for a Lasik should be no less than 500 microns, however, nowadays, with Intralase, the cornea as thin as 100 microns can be cut a flap off. Due to the sterility of the Intralase system, cells growing directly underneath the flap are impossible, so any eye infection can be minimized.

However, nothing is perfect. Despite that Intralase brings us so many advantages, we could not neglect its disadvantages. Furthermore, knowing more able the advantages and risks is rather helpful. An unusual sensitivity to light is one of the complications. Among 20 patients, there will be one who has such an anomaly. Nevertheless, the good news is that this complication is temporal. Some days after the surgery, such anomaly will disappear gradually. Eye doctors
or the surgeon will usually advise you to use eye drops regular so as to ease such a anomaly, and then cure it. Anyhow, comparatively speaking, intralase system eliminates the possible complication left by the microkeratomes. It is reported and people claim that the anomalies caused by the microkeratomes are more serious and may last long.

Then comes to the cost of Intralase. Since it performs better than the microkeratomes, people would think that much money will cost, however, the fact is that 300 dollars is needed for each eye. Of course, patients can choose either microkeratomes or intralase according to their economic conditions.[source]


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