Vista on ASUS Eee PC


Windows Vista Asus Eee PC

Sure you’ve all seen Windows XP running on the Asus EeePC, and today I wanted to show you not XP but Windows Vista running on this neat little device. Since pictures are worth more than 1000 words, here you go:

Windows Vista Asus Eee PC

You’re probably asking yourself now; is this Photoshop or how the heck did we get Vista to work on an EeePC?

There’s no magic, trick or Photoshop, we are simply using Citrix XenDesktop. XenDesktop allowed us to virtualize the Windows Vista operating system and present it to any device installed with a Citrix client, this technology is also known as VDI.

This is a slick technology that enables people to be productive from basically anywhere and almost any device


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