USB Boot Install Windows Vista Asus Eee PC


Just to prove that it can be done, Ive installed a copy of Windows Vista Home Premium on the little Asus EEE PC 900. The specs are as follows: 900Mhz Celeron Mobile 1GB Ram 20GB Flash Hard drive The HDD is made up of a 4GB + 16GB module. The OS is installed on the 16GB module.

USB Boot Install Windows Vista Asus Eee PC 900

Its a little slow as expected but for music, DVDs, photos, MS Office and the Internet its fine. It wont do high end PC tasks but that is to be expected. The machine will run TV tuners, synchronise with devices with Windows drivers such as PDAs, cell phones, ipods, web cams, etc that the Linux based machine may not. Since I had to buy a copy of Windows anyway and Vista and Xp were the same price, I decided to opt of Vista for this machine.

Its not as smooth as XP but at least now you have the choice of buying a Linux, XP or Vista driven system. Lets not forget that the EEE PC 900 is a nice step up from a PDA and a step below a budget laptop so in that sense if you need anything more than an EEE PC can do then you're better off buying a standard laptop.

If you want to write a note, edit an office file, listen to music, watch a movie clip, browse the 'proper' internet then buy a linux or Xp based system. If you want a little more future proofing and then this may be a better option. I'd still reccomend you add an extra GB of ram (this only has 1GB) and install a bigger SD card to get the most out of it. Please comment away on your thoughts.


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