Unifi ZTE VDSL with Any Router


ZTE VDSL 931 Series with DD-Wrt

I’ve configured the ZTE 931Dll VDSL modem to be used with our standard DD-WRT router. This required modifying the ZTE settings to perform VLAN bridging for the DD-WRT router.

The general steps are outlined in another post.

However, the critical last step is different. I tried the steps at the blog but it didn’t work. Using my head, I decided to try a different setting, which worked.

  • Set the LAN4 trunking to:
  • Enable VLAN trunk: Checked
  • Supported VLAN Number: 0
  • PVID: 500
Then, configure the DD-WRT router to perform PPPoE as normal.

That’s all!


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