Unifi High Speed Broadband in Danau Permai


After a prolonged delay, TM, the national communication company is bringing High speed broadband to Danau Permai Residents.

For more details on their offering and packages. Check on their website at www.unify.my

and their packages here: http://www.unifi.my/unifi/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=76&Itemid=206

TM laid an optic fiber to the termination cabinet located near Block 8. Because of the limitation of the laying new optic fiber to each individual condo unit. TM decided the to take the easy way out. They instead laid copper pairs to link to your existing phone line. Yes. no fiber to your unit!

In the termination cabinet, the signal from the optic fiber is converted. Since the copper is relatively short. VDSL should suffice to provide a reliable signal. It will be ideal if TM can provide fiber end to end. However, the existing aging infrastructure will be a nightmare for any installer.

With VDSL technology, your copper line may still be prompt to lightning strike.

TM is using VLAN technology to subdivide the bandwidth delivered to your home. There are three VLAN to cater for VOIP phone, Hypp TV (IPTV) and finally your high speed broadband.

There are a wealth of information available on the web. Just google it.

Update: Speed and reliability for UNIFI is good and stable for now. Streamyx users are equally happy as the no of sharing the line also reduced.

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