TP-LINK TD-W8961ND ADSL2+ Modem Router Review


I was using this cheap BSNL modem with 3 years old Trendnet Wireless router to surf internet wirelessly . My problem started after getting replacement modem from BSNL. I notice that my ping test was very long (892ms-1056ms). Earlier it was around( 100-115ms). I am not getting enough speed on torrent either, the speed was not at all stable. Average speed was below the speed of my connection. Internet connection keep on dropping, I have to restart the modem and wireless router numerous times to get the net connected.

Asia Pacific Region TP-Link Packaging Style

Sometimes troubleshooting from Network Sharing Center in Windows 7 corrects my problem related to internet connection. Still this issue didn’t forced me to buy new wireless modem router. But after getting connection timeout issue with Android device such as Micromax Funbook, NXG Xtab Plus, and LG Optimus P500 forced me again to reconsider Wireless modem router purchase. From Tab or Android device Google Play store was not opening when you need to configure it for first time. Browsing was not fluid either. In from android device, I found that upload speed pointer was not moving at all. Download speed was fine but zero upload speed. That’s the reason I am getting connection timeout issue I think .

So, after all this issue I finally made my mind to buy All-in-one product that is Wireless modem router. Firstly I have chosen a D-LINK 2750U 300MBPS modem router, but thank god I cancelled my order from Flipkart before any thing worst. Why worst? I found that this D-LINK has so many problem like connection dropout issue, wireless range is not good in spite of Dual-Antenna, setting up router is very confusing, and routers interface has so many bugs.

So, after GhorMaanas suggestion I finally got this sweet looking affordable Wireless modem cum router called TP-LINK TD-W8961ND ADSL2+ 300MBPS from M.D Computers, Kolkata @2080 INR only. There are two models of it one 150MBPS and 300MBPS. 150MBPS will cost less than this model. Ok lets check the specification and main features.

Main Feature

  • High speed DSL modem, NAT router and wireless access point in one device providing a one-stop networking solution
  • Wireless N speed up to 300Mbps makes it ideal for heavy bandwidth consuming or interruption sensitive applications like online gaming, Internet calls and even the HD video streaming 
  • Easy Setup Assistant with multi-language support provides a quick & hassle free installation 
  • SPI and NAT firewall protects end-user devices from potential attacks from the Internet
  • WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions provide user networks with active defense against security threats
  • Easy one-touch WPA wireless security encryption with the WPS button
  • Wi-Fi On/Off Button allows users to simply turn their wireless radio on or off
  • QoS enables smooth IPTV streaming and lag-free online gaming
  • Port VLAN binds specific LAN ports and PVCs for differential services
  • Annex M doubles the upstream data rate
  • Auto-reconnect keeps user online indefinitely
  • Backward compatible with 802.11b/g products

You can find the official product specifications on their website:

Configuring the wireless router modem

It took me 2min. to configure this wireless modem router. Just insert the CD in the DVD RW and do as the instruction suggests. You need to have a wired network connection to configure this router. Before inserting the disc:

(A)connect Ethernet cable from your computer (lan port) to router port (Ethernet or LAN port no-1.

(B) connect splitter to the wall jack using a telephone line( for broadband connection) then use the other telephone line directly connect it the ADSL port on the router and the modem port of the splitter, also have the phone port of the splitter connected to a telephone.

(C) Plug the power adapter and put the power on button there on the back of the router.

Now insert the CD and give the username & password of your connection ,and VPI and VCI number and you are done and connected to the internet.

T-LINK Modem Router Settings for BSNL Broadband connection

  • WAN Connection Type: PPPoE 
  • VPI [0-255]: 0 
  • VCI [32-65535]: 35 
  • User Name: XXXXX 
  • Password: XXXXX 
  • Network Name (SSID): ABCD 
  • Network Security Type: Most Security (WPA2-PSK) 
  • Network Security Key: XXXXX

Its best product at this price point imo. The range, looks, feature and performance all thing are good in this model. All my previous issue has been solved with this product now I am getting 112ms ping in From android tab, play store is opening absolutely fine. The signal strength of this product is too good, no dropout in connection from one room to other. Signal indicator is always full thanks to 2x3dBi strong antenna. So, totally satisfied with my purchase and will recommend others also to buy this amazing product.

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