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Ermita is the area I’m usually staying in when I’m in Manila, so I’ve been to most of the hotels there. All the hotels mentioned here are hotels that I recommend, unless stated otherwise. What I take into consideration is value for your money, location, service and the standard of the rooms and the hotel in general. The price given in the first paragraph is the price for their standard room.

Duck Inn.
1207 M.H. Del Pilar
Tel: (632) 523-3995
Price: 1,300 peso

I really like this place, and I have been here several times over the last two years. It is like a pool bar and restaurant with about 15 rooms in the second and third floor. The bar with the pool tables is open 24/7. It is a very popular place to stay, so I’d advice you to book several days if not more ahead, if you’d like to stay here. The rooms here are cheap, 1,300-1,500 peso, they have got aircon and free wifi internet in all the rooms as well as in the bar. Only drawback with the rooms is that they are fairly small, and the cheapest rooms do not have windows.

You’ll get good value for your money here, the location is good and the same goes for the service. The staff is very friendly and do their best to make you feel at home. They host billiard competitions once or twice a week I believe, and their bar is a social meeting point for many people. I’ll definitely recommend this place.

Citystate Tower Hotel
1315 A. Mabini St, Ermita
Tel: (632) 400-7351
Price: 1,500 peso

This is another hotel that I really like and have been to quite a few times as well. It is much larger than Duck Inn, and it doesn’t have the cozy bar atmosphere that you’ll find there, but they still have a nice restaurant as well as a buffet every day. The standard room is fairly small, but cheap at only 1,500 peso, and they have a wide range of rooms all the way up the presidential suite at 5,600 peso. All the rooms have aircon and wifi internet, however you have to pay extra to use the wifi.

In my opinion you get good value at this hotel, and both location and service is good. The rooms have high standard and the same goes for the restaurant and the hotel overall. They also have a casino with slot machines inside if that is your thing.

Best Western Hotel La Corona
1166 Mh Del Pilar, Ermita
Tel: (632) 524-2631
Price: 2,200 peso

This place is more expensive than those previously mention, but the standard is higher and the standard room here is pretty large. They have aircon and wifi in all the rooms, and the wifi is free here and high speed. Price for the standard room is about 2,200 peso. Some of the rooms have 2 single beds instead of one double, so ask in advance so you know what type of room you are getting.

My favorite thing with this hotel is their food. They have a huge menu, it is inexpensive and it tastes very good. It’s just too bad the restaurant closes at 10pm, I often feel hungry late at night when I’m traveling. The location is just across the street from LA, the staff is friendly and if you don’t mind a little bit higher price range you should definitely go for this one.Get a cheap rate for this hotel by booking online now!

Stone House Manila
1529 A. Mabini St. Ermita
Tel: (632) 524-0302
Price: 1,000 peso

I’ve never stayed here myself, but I’ve seen the rooms and I know many people who like to stay here. It is a very cheap place to stay and in a good location, close to both Robinson’s Mall and the popular bars and nightspots in the area. I believe you can get rooms here for as low as 1,000 peso a night. The rooms have aircon, but they are very small and don’t have internet. Internet is pretty important to me so that’s the main reason I haven’t stayed here, but if that’s not important to you and you’d like a cheap place to stay, go check out this place.

Boulevard Mansion
1440 Roxas Boulevard
Tel: (632) 523-9716
Price: 2,000 peso a night, 26,000 peso plus electricity per month

I have stayed here for a month before, and you get good value for your money here if you’re staying in Manila for longer periods of time. The rooms here are more like a little apartment, with bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. I believe minimum you can stay here is 3 days, at about 2000 peso a night. When I stayed here I paid 26000 peso for a month lease plus electricity which came to 10,000 peso, but it would probably have been less if I had been more careful. Still it’s way cheaper than a hotel if you plan to stay in Manila for longer periods of time.

They clean the room every day, supply new towels and even wash your dishes, so the service here is definitely very good. They also have a free LAN connection here, not the fastest connection in the world, but the speed is OK. Try to get the corner rooms so that you get your own balcony. It’s on Roxas Boulevard, and the view is beautiful from the rooms.

If you have any other hotels to recommend, or any input on those already mentioned here, feel free to leave a comment.


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