Wi-Tribe WiMAX Greenpacket CPE Modem EX-230 default username password


The new Wi-Tribe CPE WiMAX modem from greenpacket model EX-230 is more secured and powerfull with high gain antenna using MIMO technology. By default the username and the password for the Graphical User Interface (GUI) is admin likewise for the telnet is "user" both are lowercase.

If in the case you can not access the Graphical User Interface (GUI) or the Command Line Interface (CLI) using telnet likewise via putty. Try to hard reset by using a small pin by inserting onto the pin hole at the back of the WiMAX CPE modem then just used the same Username and Password as mention above. Feel free to comment if you have any question.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't work anymore..Any ideas that I could access it?

*monitoring this post.

Anonymous said...

post your no.and location i'll try to help you..

Anonymous said...

what is the admin password of wi-tribe greenpacket ex-250?

Anonymous said...

what is the mac add series ?

Anonymous said...

not work..to my ex-250

Anonymous said...

is there any other way to access the gui of my Ex250.. Philppines..thanks

dheluxe said...

mine also can't open gui. but in https i cant access it but i don't know the username and password. i already tried random default password but none of those working. i also did the hard reset. but still i can open. pls me out. tnx. ex250

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