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Kuala Lumpur – Greenpacket, a leading developer of Next Generation mobile broadband and networking solutions, unveiled its new range of high performance and economical WiMAX modems, starting with the Indoor VoIP EX-series at WiMAX Forum Congress Asia in Taipei today.

The EX series feature data and voice ports and is designed to deliver superior indoor performance. It incorporates high gain antenna to improve WiMAX signals reception, multi-directional omni antenna allowing flexibility of device placement and, Switched Transmit Diversity Technology to boost uplink signal strength performance during transmission. The design also provides for use of external antenna and connection to WiFi router.

In coming months, Greenpacket will be introducing the outdoor and USB dongle versions of the cost-effective range to serve Operators looking to offer basic service packages to subscribers. The full range supports 2.3, 2.5 and 3.5GHz WiMAX frequency bands, and is part of Greenpacket’s portfolio of Next Generation Wave 2 compliant WiMAX modems.

“With the cost-effective range, Operators will immediately enjoy a lower subscriber acquisition cost without sacrificing the quality of wireless broadband. The range enables them to also expand their service offerings to cater to diverse market needs,” said Kelvin Lee, Senior General Manager of Greenpacket.

Greenpacket’s EX series complements its wide-ranging portfolio of WiMAX devices – all of which consistently demonstrate user friendliness with features like self-installing ‘plug ‘n play’, focus on appealing design, and a good degree of customization on Operator’s product and branding requirements. Greenpacket products are also field and interoperability tested in live WiMAX networks.

Maravedis 4Ggear reported that shipment of WiMAX devices is expected to grow three times in 2010, from 4.8 million units shipped in 2009. This is due to rising demand driven by an increasing number of WiMAX deployments, devices and subscribers around the world. 2010 will see more compelling WiMAX devices, significantly falling costs and a maturing chip ecosystem.

Greenpacket which currently ranks world No. 3 in shipment of WiMAX devices looks ready to both feed and capitalize on the growth of the global WiMAX devices market.

“Greenpacket’s new range of cost-effective WiMAX modems with its lower barrier to entry, will contribute to fast forwarding the mass adoption of WiMAX technology for Operators and end-users. We will continue to roll out high performing products to fuel the anticipated strong market demand for WiMAX devices and to grow our share of the global market,” said Lee.

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