20 Inspirational HTML5 Websites


We are in an exciting time of the internet at the moment, HTML5 is about to become a standard and some really nice HTML5 based websites are being released. So we’ve gathered a list of 20 inspirational HTML5 based websites.

1. Ben the Bodyguard

This is a kick ass coming soon page made in HTML5 and CSS3.

2. Vision18 Technologies

Another HTML5 based website with scrolling content. Be sure to resize your browser window to see what content appears and disappears.

3. 20 Things I Learned

A very cool HTML5 based book on you guessed it “20 Things I Learned About Browsers and The Web”.

4. I Want List

An interactive list created in HTML5 give it a go.

5. Anchor Modeler

Interactive Anchor Modeling in HTML5

6. HTML5 Lab

A Showcase of HTML5 based websites.

7. iPaint

iPaint is based on MS Paint made entirely in HTML5 and CSS3

8. Triverse Centre

Triverse Centre is an interactive website focusing on Practitioner Training Programmes

9. HTML5 Readiness

A website that is dedicated to getting people ready for HTML5 and CSS3 with a list of browsers support which tags.

10. The Design Superhero

A very nice looking HTML5 based portfolio website.

11. Slim Kiwi

A Design and Branding firm from Boston, MA.

12. HTML5 Slicer

A PSD to HTML5 based service

13. Zoocha

A Design Agency with a very sleek HTML5 website

14. Art of Stars

A pure HTML5 sky viewer

15. S5-Style

A website made in HTML5 and CSS3 that feels and interacts like it was made in Flash

16. CSS3 Maker

A website that will help you make stunning CSS3 visuals.

17. Stefan Velthuys

Stefan Velthuys portfolio

18. Icelab

Design studio from Canberra

19. Bread & Pepper

A nice HTML5 website for a software company

20. Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett is a User Interface Developer, his portfolio website is a great example of what HTML5 and CSS3 can do.

So that rounds out our 20 Inspirational HTML5 websites, I’m sure you’ve all got your own favorites. The ones we’ve listed above we believe best show off what can be done in HTML5 in it’s current format.


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