Knowing The Issue of D-Link LB604 Dual WAN


This router allows you to connect two modems to your network at the same time, like DSL and cable.

Increases your bandwidth for downloads and uploads, especially on torrents. Adds redundancy to your network to help ensure that you don't ever get kicked into offline mode again. Maybe you need to make sure you are always online or at least have an internet connection that works.

Well, this modem can help achieve those goals. However, it may take some tricks to get your internet connection working the way you want.

Problems when you set up the router for the first time... Can not access secure websites.

Examples of sites I could not access:
  • PayPal
  • eBay
  • Some Google websites, like their Adsense and Adwords sites
  • my bank websites
Basically, any site that had "HTTPS://" in the URL would appear to be offline (the connection would time out) if I had both my DSL and cable modems on and attached to the DI-LB604 router. The only way I knew around this issue up until recently was to turn off one of the modems. It didn't matter which modem I chose to turn off, but they could not both work at the same time on secure websites.

How to set up the router to access secure websites

Log into your router. That usually means going to: Go to "Set Protocol & Port Bindings". The screenshots below show the steps.

Enable a port range of 443 ~ 443 to use just one of your WAN's. I chose to use WAN1, which is now my DSL modem. So, whenever I access secure websites, the DI-LB604 router will channel all that internet activity through my DSL modem and ignore the cable modem connection.

Can not send SMTP email

I could not send SMTP email through my DSL modem.
  • Could not send email through Vista's Mail or Windows Mail program
  • Could not send email alerts through my webcam software
I now understand that my DSL provider (AT&T Yahoo!) does not allow us to send SMTP email unless you use AT&T's server. AT&T blocks port 25. AT&T requires that we use AT&T's SMTP servers to send email and while our emails go throught their servers, our emails are filtered. One of their SMTP server's has this address:

What if I want to send email through my own SMTP servers? Like:

Well, AT&T won't allow that. My cable modem service is different. My cable provider is Cablelynx and they allow SMTP connections on port 25 with the server of my choice.

If you want to use SMTP to send email and your ISP does not let you, you could consider changing your ISP. - ISP choices in your area

[ Edit: I have sinced changed my email client to be Thunderbird and now I can send emails through my AT&T Yahoo DSL modem. Thunderbird FTW! I think Thunderbird is using a different port. ]

How to set up the router to send email
  • Log into your router. That usually means going to:
  • Enable SMTP Binding. Screenshot below shows the steps.

As you can see above, I chose to use WAN1 only for my SMTP Binding Port. WAN1 was my cable connection at the time I wrote this, which allows SMTP traffic.


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