D-Link LB604 Dual WAN Solution for bad Firmware


A Yahoo page has a post with someone confirming that the Russia link worked for them:

"D-link web support was crappy and latest firmware available on USA web site was no improvement. Found out that D-link had developed new version 1.02 firmware but would not post this new firmware on their USA web site for download. After many hours of searching for the mysterious 1.02 firmware, I finally found it available via FTP server based in Russia. Why D-link had hidden this firmware makes no sense to me since this firmware fixed all the problems I was having with the buggy versions 1.00 and 1.01 firmwares. This router with the 1.02 firmware kicks ass."
Gabriel emailed me some screenshots of his firmware downloaded from Russia. Here is one of them...

It shows that the Russia firmware is 1.02 with a build date of Mar-5-2009. Thanks, Gabriel, for sharing that.

I have not yet upgraded my firmware as I am not currently having any problems with my router. I am currently using "v.1.01 .03 Built Date: Nov 14 2006". Youtube is working fine with it, too. If I run into problems with my router, I will try upgrading the firmware.


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