Install Live Zorin OS using Pendrive


Zorin the most beautiful Linux System which look alike windows. And a windows user can use it very easily because of having better and interactive GUI. Two days back I install this OS in my system and it was like most wonderful experience of using it. But the point comes how to install Live Zorin OS using Pendrive.

Here is the Titorial

1. Download Universal-USB-Installer- because this is the only software by using which you can install Zorin.

Select Zorin OS from the drop down menu

2. Browse for your zorin .iso file and select your pendrive carefully. Don’t forget to tick on We will Format selection button and click on Create Button

3. Click Yes

4. Now your Pendrive have been formatted and installing the Zorin OS, the creation of Live Zorin OS will took few minutes to make it bootable Linux Pendrive, be patience!


osnovice said...

Zorin is really the best among all Linux distro's

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