ZTE GC990 Personal Review


As I've told about the target HP Dual mode on which I want to buy some time ago in this post's [ here ], I finally get a comfortable hearts ^ _ ^ ZTE - GC 990 , HP dual mode on it's made ​​in China attracted attention since the first time I saw. Size is not as thick as thin HP dual mode on the other, plus body and its design is also simple n ok i think. Uses HP dual mode on this is very convenient to make i bring the HP, because it does not need to take three hp anywhere else. nmr GSM and CDMA can diperingkes to 1 HP.

In the selection of the brand was easy for gw nda. Honestly go to the Roxy increase in dizziness I chose the HP dual mode on, the various HP-made china and more locally with a variety of brands for gw to clever-clever in choosing either of quality, service centers and also the resilience of HP. Brands and local Chinese who flourished at the Roxy is the Beyond, G-Von, Huawei, ZTE, nexian, Htc, DTC, Taxco to the brand's so funny I think Tiger and many other brands. Returning from Roxy, I immediately searching on the inet about the comments from my friends about some of HP's virtual world on the dual-mode, as well gw jg search presence and clarity of the brand.

And information that quite a relief from the Indonesian ZTE ZTE is a company was established 10 years ago, and is once again reinforces that this company I was at least serious in the world dedicated to the HP's in Indonesia. in addition, comments from the forum about ZTE's product does not disappoint. compared with other brand new and still a gamble for gw to bear its risks. Finally ZTE choice who I choose. in general, the specifications of the ZTE - GC990 is:
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • GSM + CDMA
  • 2.4-inch screen with 262k colors
  • The camera has a size of 1.3 MP
  • There's an FM radio feature
  • Handsfree 3.5mm
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Bluetooth
  • Opera Mini
  • Application Twitter, Facebook + Windows Live & Yahoo Messenger
completeness that I can in the box ZTE is:
-USB cable
, warranty card and user's manual
, 3.5mm audio jack plus a bonus from the seller: - Memory Card 2 GB - Screen Protector


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