How to Use Electronic Thermometer for Accurate Body Temperature Measurement at Home


Previously, people use the archaic thermometer to measure the body temperature and indicate the symptom of an ailment marks by fever. However, it is quite difficult to see the result of the body temperature using this kind of thermometer because of the transparent marking. Thanks to the development of technology, today we can use the electronic thermometer to measure the body temperature for precise and obvious result.

The electronic temperature uses the thermo resistor to check the resistance of the temperature varies. The electronic thermometer is completed with features that enables it to measure the body temperature in accurate measure, and applicable for family use. It has the LCD screen to show the body temperature digitally, water resistant, speedy response, power auto off, memorizes final temperature, high correctness up to 0.1 degree Celsius, Removable Battery and less voltage display, and temperature Checking range 32-43 Celsius.


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