Cisco stops Flip digital movie camera


Cisco technology will stop the production and sale of the Flip, a simple pocket-sized digital movie camera in recent years had much success.

That the U.S. Company announced Tuesday (local time) in a press release; the Flip first came in 2006 on the market as simple pocket video cam. The device, about the size of an iPod, had only a few buttons and was therefore very easy to operate; in 2009, manufacturer Pure Digital Technologies for 590 million U.S. dollars acquired by Cisco, which would focus more on the consumer.

The Flip experienced lately increasing competition from smartphones. Most advanced mobile phones like the iPhone 4 and recent Android phones, like the Flip can record video in high quality.

Cisco has been struggling for some time with developments in its core market: that for routers, switches and other networking equipment. The company plays a big market share, but saw its margins by the rise of cheaper competitors continue to decline.

The end of the Flip is therefore part of a larger restructuring at Cisco. The company seems to want to again focus on the business market. Thus, the future of Umi, a videoconferencing system for home, reconsidered.


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