Yangmingshan, Shamaoshan- Nighttime Hot Spring with Great View


Yangmingshan: February and March of every year is the traditional flower season at Yangming Park. Various colorful rhododendrons and mountains of Taiwan Cherry blossom decorate the landscape with the most gorgeous touches as they sweep away winter's cloudy dreariness. During the summertime, the southwest seasonal wind brings occasional afternoon thunderstorms; then, as the sun emerges from behinds the clouds, bridges of rainbows across the valley brighten the scene again.
Cane grass forms a sea of flowers as October comes; later on in the fall, red maple leaves and golden leaves of other kinds weave into a widely known picture of “Da-Tun Fall Scenery.” During the winter, due to influence of northeastern seasonal wind, Yangmingshan is hidden under cold winds and mild rain; the low temperature, high humidity and cloudiness nonetheless form a different kind of view. When encountered with extreme cold fronts, Qixing Mountain, Zhuzi Mountain and Da-Tun Mountain can be spotted with white peaks, creating a silver white world covered with snow.


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