Hsinchu Neiwan Beipu Reminiscence


Neiwan Old Street has been attracting tourists with its reminiscent old streets feel. Beside the traditional buildings, there is also a Comic Museum of comic artist Xingchin Liu. Characters from his works, Dashenpo, Asange, and Naughty Robot can all be seen here. When you come to Neiwan Old Street, you can also taste the delicious lily ginger rice dumplings, ziyu veggie bun, Hakka Lei Cha, Lei Cha Slush Ice, Hakka Moji and other special gourmets. Traditional houses on Neiwan Old Streets possess their own historical meaning; in the old days, they were the main roads in Jianshi area during the peak of forestry industry.
Therefore, the houses are made of red brick columns and foundations with the main structure, doors, windows and roof made of wood for the simplest and most practical design. Beipu is one of the representatives in early Hakka cultures and one can find all the footprints of early Hakka culture. The town treasures the simple beauty of a Taiwanese small town, the culture of common people, the humanity and tradition. Beipu Cold Spring: It is located about 7km away from Beipu, amidst the Daping Valley. There are only two cold springs in Taiwan, the other being the Su-ao Cold Spring. The spring quality in Beipu is of weak alkaline carbonate and will produce a cool feeling throughout the body, that will warm up again in less than five minutes.


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