Tips for fighting bad breath

Ah … what a delicate subject. Often those who suffer from this disorder do not realize it except when someone decides it’s time to let them out. And the thing is rather embarrassing. Embarrassing and a source of insecurity that may have serious repercussions on our social life.

Try out for a first date with someone you really like after someone has pointed out that, to put it clearly, you smell the breath … terribly difficult.

Sometimes bad breath can be revealing of some health problems, sometimes serious, so it is always advisable to consult a doctor, even if it seems exaggerated, to rule out that there are more serious disease causing the disorder.

The cause of halitosis in most cases, however, is poor oral hygiene, gum problems, food particles that remain in the mouth and ferment.

But what to do? How to fight not just a breath of rose water? Much can be done, alone and without resorting to medical science. Just observe simple and useful rules of personal hygiene. Here’s our advice if you suffer from bad breath and it (rightly) not that much fun …

Treat oral hygiene. Good means brushing your teeth thoroughly and several times throughout the day. Use dental floss to remove any residual food and prevent it from producing offensive odors, also take care of hygiene of the language. There are brushes his teeth with the back complied specifically for cleaning the tongue. Let us use them.

Drink plenty of water. A dry mouth is a house more attractive to those bacteria that are the basis of most of the problems of halitosis. So let us keep it well hydrated, if not the settlement in order to treat at least the proliferation …

Be examined by a dentist to rule out that the problem of gingivitis or caries that causes the problem.

Do not smoke. We’ll not even on such an obvious fact. If you smoke, if the search goes to (and not only this problem …)

Rinse your mouth regularly with liquid disinfectant to the oral cavity. You find them in a pharmacy or supermarket, they are a good idea after you brush your teeth. Maybe ask your dentist, who will show you the most suitable product.

Keep some of mint chewing gum, preferably without sugar (sugar is the favorite food of bacteria that cause bad breath …). For use when you can not brush your teeth after a meal or when you feel that your breath is not fresh, just to give you a refresher. In addition, the act of chewing gum stimulates the secretion of saliva, and saliva is the enemy of the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Try to avoid heavy foods, fried or otherwise hard to digest. Favorite foods, fresh vegetables and fruit. Forget about onions and garlic, small coffee …

Avoid stress, one of the established causes halitosis.

Do not neglect the carbohydrates in your diet. Many people, thinking to lose weight, eliminate carbohydrates (bread, pasta or rice) from your diet. In addition to being wrong from a technical point of view of diet, lack of carbohydrate feeding promotes the onset of bad breath. @


Cecania Tallmadge said...

Proper oral care plays vital role when you don't want to have a bad breath. Brushing is not enough to kill the bacterium that causes it, use a mouthwash to kill the remaining ones. Smoking doesn't just cause bad breath, teeth discoloration and gum diseases, it will also affect your lungs.

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