Strategies to look beautiful when wearing

To use the proper clothing to your figure, each woman should follow certain rules that help achieve a more flattering appearance.

Let these suggestions:
  • A woman of small stature and slim silhouette should avoid large prints or skirts that cut through or body, as will appear smaller. In general, the size of the skirt should be neither too long nor too short.
  • A woman of small stature and rather thick, must obey the same rules, but avoid bright colors that highlight her obesity. It is advisable to deploy a lot of clothes, to cover the extra kilos. It is advisable to use large jackets.
  • The thick, tall women should avoid high-pitched tone and large prints. However, we favor light colors in clothes whose shape has been chosen carefully.
  • Women generally favors high with dresses or suits of two pieces that break or split the figure and optically reduced.
  • If you are tall and thin, almost everything is fine as long as to hide the arms, shoulders and neck areas underneath which can be very thin.
  • It is believed that heavy women should avoid bright colors and horizontal stripes, but are favored by patterned fabrics and preferably cold or dark colors or neutrals like beige or gray.
  • Do not dress according to emphasize your face, or to highlight the charm of her neck or a plunging neckline, as it puts into crisis the beauty of the body, and you, as every woman is and see it as a whole.
  • Always dress so that her face and figure to win on charm and seduction


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