Spy Camera comes to House Hold Items

Advanced technologies have made is so easier to spy and monitor your Home/ Office in an imperceptible manner. There are dozens of spying tools that give you quality surveillance at a reasonable price. When the most ordinary and simple home / office devices are integrated with state of the art technologies, it barely leaves any chance of making the spying process noticeable. You can be the master of your home and office surveillance with these devices, and can always keep an eye on happenings when you are not around.

Brick house security offers you with the best and most reliable surveillance and security devices at reasonable prices. They have dozens of house hold items concealed with high resolution spy cameras possessing applications beyond your imagination. These spy cameras are best source of finding the truth. Find, if your companion are running behind your back, or if you want keep an eye on your kids when you are off to supermarket, monitoring your employees productivity during the office hours, finding the real faces of people when you are not around, all the conspiracies and plans behind your back and several other applications that you can easily monitor by deploying these device at your home and office. These devices are also best for those people who can’t manage huge finance for some security company services, and also for those people who like to do things themselves.

Camera in a Smoke Detector

Helping the same purpose Brick home security offers an amazing smoke detector which is capable of doing things beyond your imagination. Did it ever occur to you that in your home or office the smoke detector on top of your head could serve as high resolution spy camera? …Probably not.

Smoke detector hidden camera is a fascinating spying tool. Incredible idea of integrating a tiny spy camera in a smoke detector is least alerting for any person. Everybody knows that there is smoke detector fixed in different parts of every home or office, which leaves them with no reason to doubt it with spying ability. The camera comes in an ordinary shape like any other smoke detector and just to smoothen the things further, it even has an audible smoke alarm. The tiny hole on the smoke detector serving as a camera eye is so small that it is barely noticeable. A small Color SONY CCD hidden camera is concealed in to the smoke detector, which is automatically enabled on detecting any motion in its vicinity. The smoke detector hidden camera is superbly designed to work even in dark.

Just like an ordinary smoke detector you have to mount the device and it is all set for high quality surveillance. The device comes up with a built-in DVR which supports removable SD card up to 4 GB, enabling video recording in digital format on the SD card which you can easily monitor on your computer.


Unknown said...

This sounds very interesting. I have always wanted a spy camera in my house, but now that I'm older I'm faced with whether I really want to know what's going on or not.

camera house said...

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