Hidden Spy Camere Detector Coin Size


Detect hidden camera in hotel, motel, club house, shopping mall toilet, school toilet, locker room, fitting booth or anywhere.

Applied with fuzzy scanning technology, avoid being peeping to protect

Compact and state-to-the-art oval design for easy carry and easy use in anytime, anywhere.

It is just in size of 1-3/4" x 1" x T 1/2 " and weighs 1/3 oz only.

Extreme low power consumption allows one coin type lithium battery CR2032 can last for about 30 days continuous working, battery included in the package and additional one battery is given together with the package

It is the smallest detector, yet professional ability you ever seen.

It performs superior ability in detecting 2.4 GHz wireless hidden cameras, and also mobile phone.

It does not require complicated installation or any professional knowledge.


  • Size: L 47 x W 27 x T 12 mm (L 1-3/4" x W 1" x T 1/2")
  • Weight: about 10g or 1/3 oz (included battery)
  • Detecting range: 400 MHz ~ 3.0 GHz
  • Power: 3V DC (CR2032 lithium battery x1)
  • Warning mode: LED indication


  • With advanced power saving technology, one coin type lithium CR2032 battery can last about 30 days.
  • With strap for easy attach with mobile phone antenna or key ring.
  • With battery low warning
  • Small size and light weight.
  • Ultra bright red LED for indication.
  • CE Certification


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