Know all about Chinese Dwarf Hamsters


Chinese dwarf hamsters has their origin in the deserts of Northern China and Mongolia. Cricetus Griseu is the scientific name of the Chinese dwarf hamsters. The popularity of the Chinese dwarf hamsters as a pet animal is not as great as their cousins – the Russian dwarf hamsters.

The Chinese dwarf hamsters usually have a life span of 2-3 years on an average. The length of their body is approximately 10-12cm with female being more sturdy and long than the males. They also possess a long tail of 3cm. The body colour of the Chinese dwarf hamsters are greyish brown. Almost all the Chinese dwarf hamsters have a prominent black strip that runs down its spine; have a white underside and a matching spot on the head. They mostly belong to the group of rat-like hamsters.

The Chinese hamsters stand exception to the general belief of dwarf hamster doing well in pairs. In the case of Chinese dwarf hamsters, if two females are introduced to each other at an early age they are more likely to bond well than a male and a female. Female forms the dominant group so much so that it can also sometime leave the male hamsters injured and dead. If you want to house two Chinese hamsters then you need to provide them with a house having enough space for all kinds of activities.

It is preferable that the place has more than one level and several hiding places. This will enable the less dominant hamster to hide from the more dominant ones as and when needed. For their housing, plastic or aquarium tanks are an ideal choice. If kept in a cage there is a possibility that they might try to escape through the cage bars and may also end up hurting themselves by getting stuck in between the bars.

The Chinese dwarf hamsters need to be given a balanced diet coupled with plenty of fresh water supply. They enjoy diets of seeds, pellets, fruits, vegetables, wheat bread etc. Some owners occasionally treat them with mealworms or crickets.

Although, they can live up to 2-3 years yet they cannot be easily trained. They are aggressive and fierce by nature at the same time agile and lively. They are expert in such sporting activities like jumping, climbing, running etc. This renders discomfort to a large number people as a result of which many does not see them as creatures that can be tamed and housed.


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