How to take care of your Dwarf Hamster….


Tiny, cute, vivacious and robust dwarf hamster make amazing pets. However, you need to devote a lot of your time to take care of the little ones.

A Dwarf hamster is a delicate creature but at the same time they can be pretty fierce. They will seize the slightest opportunity to escape. Hence, when you choose to buy a cage, plastic cage or aquarium is preferable because it is enclosed on all sides. Today, the availability of tubular habitats for dwarf hamster has made their stay comfortable. 10-20 gallon tank or wire cage is also a good option. Dwarf hamsters are very active in nature, and they like to run about and play. Hence, keeping a wheel inside their small habitat is a must. Study shows that a typical hamster can run about five miles on their wheel.

A 2-3 inches substrate is a must for every cage, plastic cage or aquarium. It will help them to execute their favourite actives like burrowing, digging etc. Owners should clean the substrate on a regular basis. Dwarf hamster has the habit of making small nest out of this substrate. Other nesting supplies like paper towels, cotton, shredded paper or even tissues can be given. Providing them with a nesting box is also a good idea. They are basically shy animals and would prefer to stay in the privacy of their nest.

The body of the dwarf hamster has high metabolism and hence the quantity of their food intake is at par with their Syrian counterparts. Their choice of food ranges from pellets, seeds, dried fruits to vegetables. Dwarf hamsters have a tendency to hoard their food in their nests rather than eating them or keeping them in the bowls. Supplying fresh food and water on a regular basis is very essential.

Dwarf hamsters also need chewing toys because they need something to file their growing teeth. Their teeth never stop growing and hence to keep them short they need to file them regularly. For this soft wooden chewing toys are required.

In addition to the above mentioned tips, the owner needs to replace the substrate on a weekly basis. All the other accessories need to be washed. Light solution of soap and water can be used for their washing. You need to dry the cage before new substrate and all the other accessories are kept back in place. Make sure you do not use any harsh chemicals for washing as that will irritate the hamster.@


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