iPad Knockoff Price Slash, Only $74 USD!


This is insanely cheap for an iPad alike Android tablet, so what does it packed with? Where can you buy it from? Check out the specs after the jump.

Obviously it is a Shanzhai tablet, made in Shenzhen China, it is not completely identical to iPad as it is a 7-inch tablet runs Android 2.2, 800×480 resistive touchscreen, based on 600MHz RK2818 chipset, 256MB of DDR2 RAM, 2GB of FLASH storage, built-in camera, WiFi connectivity and a 3800mAh battery.

The machine doesn’t have too much ports on it, only two Micro-USB, a SD-card slot and a power input. Also, it will have a reset button which doesn’t exist on the true iPad. It doesn’t supports FLASH! Not appreciate.

We are thinking knockoff makers may be working on the next-gen iPad knockoff, that’s why the iPad clone price slashed. Perhaps the next-gen is going to be thinner and faster as well? [source]


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