7-inch iPad Knockoff Runs Android and Cost Very Cheap


If you are willing to wait for an iPad, you have to take a look at this iPad wannabe. It looks and feels like the real thing, and it doesn’t disappoint you in terms of features. This slick-looking iPad knockoff gives you everything you ever wanted to see on the real one for just $900 RMB (about $130).

Previously, we have introduced the best looking iPad knockoff ever, and this is the 7-inch version. It runs Android 1.5 and comes with SD card storage which can be between 2GB to 32GB depending on the card you’re using.

The device runs off a Rockchip RK2808 600Mhz processor, and maybe it will be changed to a 1Ghz Cortex-A8 processor sooner or later.

With its 7-inch Multi-Touch display (800×480), you can watch any formats (H.264/RMVB/MPEG-4/AVS/WMV9) of videos on it. However, it only supports up to 720p definition. Also, with its built-in accelerometer, you can turn it 90 degrees to enjoy a vertical or horizontal view on the display.

It’s only slightly thicker than Apple’s iPad, measuring 0.55 inch (14mm). Surprisingly, weighing in at 0.7 pounds (0.33 kg), it’s half the weight of the iPad.

The knockoff makers kept everything simple enough. The speaker is located on the back and you see nothing else.

So are there any apps in this iPad wannabe ? Yes. USB ports? Yes. Just like a real Android device, you can install any Android apps you want. Built-in with Wi-Fi, you can surf the web flawlessly on it. Also, you get on-screen keyboard just like the real iPad. All it lacks is a HDMI-port.

How about the battery life? You can manage to get up to 5 hours of life out of this iPad knockoff before recharging it.

Just in case you missed the price, it cost only $900 RMB (about $130). That is soooooo cheap and you can get one starting from May. It does supports 3G but not for this model. Maybe we will see it on the 10-inch version.

One more thing, there’s a front-facing camera on the device.


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