Windows Password Recovery

Passwords are generally created for the windows so that any other person cannot get access to our computer. Password helps us from security viewpoint. So we keep changing the password for windows every now and then to prevent unauthorized viewing by other people. It is very important to remember the password to gain access to our computer. But if we forget the password, then the consequences can be very bad.
We would not be able to retrieve our important files and folders which in turn would lead to data loss. We are not able to recall the password no matter how hard we try to recall it. The only option left for us to reformat the computer but in doing so we lose all our recent documents, files and folders. But now you don't need to do such things because these days, the technology has become so advanced and cutting edge that can easily do Windows Password Recovery.

There are many software and recovery tools available in the market these days that helps you in recovering your lost password for the windows. This software depends upon the configuration of your computer, whether it is Windows XP or Windows Vista or any other. Apart from these software and recovery tools you can follow a general method which can be helpful in recovering your windows password.

This method works only for those people who have more than one user account on the computer. Log onto the windows with your second user account whose password you remember. After that you need to start the windows in safe mode and go to the run option by clicking the start button. Type “control userpasswords2 and press OK. After doing this, go to that user account whose password you don't remember and click the option on reset password. 

Make a new password in New Password box and Confirm New Password box and after doing this press OK button. In this way you can recover the lost windows password without the aid of any kind of software or recovery tool. But the only restriction in this method is that you must be having a secondary user account. Without that, you cannot use this method.


Windows password recovery said...

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