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I believe that it is bad to hack an Internet provider service, but I will share to you a trick so you can use your Globe tattoo kit for free. Who wouldn't want to browse free sites for free using your Globe Tattoo USB? A friend actually did this trick, and you know what? Na-karma agad, three days from the day of hacking to be exact. Tsk, tsk. Her Facebook account was hacked. Hmmm, but that's another story. You insist for a tip, I'll give it to you. Let's hack Globe Tattoo and browse for free. But, please, remember, HACK at your own risk. Your Globe Huawei USB could be destroyed because of this.
How To Hack Globe Tattoo:

  1. Insert you Globe Tattoo to your PC / Laptop and let the Globe Tattoo Interface initiate. Once initiated, make sure that your Globe Tattoo is not connected yet, and then go to Tools then choose Options.
  2. On the Options window, choose Profile Management and choose “New”.
  3. Under the Profile Name, you can choose any kind of name you want for that connection.
  4. Under the APN box, choose the Static Option and enter on the APN Field
  5. Under the Authentication Box put *99***1# on the access number box. No need to type anything on the username and password fields.
  6. Click the advanced button and change the DNS Settings to “static” type your preferred DNS in the fields.
  7. Click Ok and then click Save on the right panel. Also don’t forget to set it as default. Once you go back to the Globe Tattoo interface, the new Globe Tattoo Network Profile would now be available on the dropdown menu.
  8. Choose the profile name you created everytime you connect your Globe Tattoo to the internet to avail free globe tattoo browsing.
I hope this works (and at the same time, I hope it doesn't). LOL. Really, it is better to pay for what you use rather than use it free without permission, no? Globe Tattoo can be loaded through your regular loading stations, and it's only 20/hour, so why hack Globe Tattoo? If you don't want to spend money, why not read a book, or watch TV, they are relatively free.
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Capiz Blogger said...

Thanks for sharing this. Now I am using my free internet browsing with this hack. Thanks for having this Globe Tattoo Hack Free Internet Browsing

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panu ba ito gamitin?

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