Wi-Tribe Motorola CPEi 25825 WiMAX Modem Default Username Password


There is a rumors that the latest Wi-Tribe WiMAX CPE modem from Motorola model "CPEi 25825" is being compromised just like the other telco 4G WiMAX CPE modem Huawei BM622, BM622i and BM625 from Globe broadband the other leading wireless ISP provider of the country.

Wi-Tribe Motorola CPEi 25825 WiMAX Modem Default Password is "motorola". By the default or factory default if you login to there is no username for the Graphical User Interface or GUI except only password as you can see in the above screenshot.


Anonymous said...

Anong g2win pag mali ung motorola ? pano i-reset ung password? tanga nmn kulang sa detalye

Anonymous said...

Kung ka ng khit anung pin tapos Sundutin mo yung Reset sa likod.. Then wait mo until umilaw ulit ..

Anonymous said...

ganyan din yung witribe motorola wimax naoopen ko na yung gui. kaka disconnect lang 6 months ago.. may way ba para ma reconnect?

mhel2k9 said...

Pano reconnect?

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