Rooney Mara is good girl turned bad for new film


Here is Rooney Mara, star of The Social Network being all scary and sexy for her new bad girl role in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Oh and she’s got her bum out on a motorbike, which puts her on the short list of our favourite Rooneys.

See, she used to wear hats. Those hats that hang off girls’ heads and give the impression they are hiding something. Actually their hats are probably are just full of thoughts about how much they are not going to sleep with you. Ever. That is unless you give them tender peck on the end of the nose and do ‘butterfly kisses.’

You might not remember her from The Social Network. If we’re honest she wasn’t particularly memorable, but maybe that’s just ‘cos we couldn’t keep our eyes off Justin hotstuff Trousersnake. She plays Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend if you’re interested.

In the old days her female friends described her as ‘sexy, but not in an obvious way’ unlike all the other obviously sexy women other women hate. Just the thought of the insurmountable task of unbuttoning her coat was intimidating, nay off putting.

But what do we have here? She’s all sexed up. Ok, so now the woolly tights aren’t intimating anymore. Going out with a girl like this would be very sexy for a bit, but then when you thought about it actually just a bit terrifying, like aeroplane turbulence.

She’s got those distinctly European rocker vibes going on. We’ve definitely seen less hot versions of this hanging round on street corners on family holidays in Mallorca. Those girls look so mysterious and exciting. If only you could sack off tapas with Mum and Dad and razz off on your moped to go skinny dip in the sea with them. It’s a shame you’re only 10 years old.[source]


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